Sweeping up traces, or why you need to clear cookies and turn off geolocation.

Most owners of electronic devices see nothing wrong with allowing the device to track geolocation. Cookies are even more unattended. However, all this data can easily fall into the hands of intruders, so it is better to take care of your own security in advance, using certain techniques to prevent fraudulent activities.


1 Advertising on queries in a search engine

2 Hidden transmission of geodata

3 Maintaining confidentiality

4 Cleaning the hard drive

One of the main tasks of cookies is to collect information about the interests of each web user. When a person goes to a website or responds to ads, the browser automatically saves this data. And in the future, this information is used to select advertising banners, which are usually displayed in a search engine. On the one hand, this function is quite useful, because the user can see only those ads that are of interest to him.

On the other hand, it can be very annoying, because you only have to drive a request for a product into a search engine, and it will be offered in advertising for a long time. At the same time, the problem can be solved quite simply by clearing the cookies.


Also, advertising banners on the network are formed taking into account the user's location. This is due to hidden transmission of geodata by some applications. So, allowing one program to track geolocation, you should be prepared for the fact that at least several partner sites will receive this information.

Therefore, it is better not to allow applications on your smartphone to track your location unless absolutely necessary.

In addition, you should not completely prevent a mobile device from tracking a user's location. It is enough just to disable this function for several applications, remembering that sometimes geolocation can be very useful. For example, knowing where a person is, Google constantly sends him information about the weather . And by sending your geodata to a friend in the messenger, you can quickly find each other.

Maintaining confidentiality

Another reason to regularly delete cookies is to keep your personal data secure. If such files fall into the wrong hands, attackers will be able to find out the logins and passwords from all accounts in social networks. They will write on your behalf on forums, review sites, etc.

Moreover, scammers or special services will be able to track the history of the browser and movement on the network.

Cookies are text files that are stored in the working directory of each browser. And if they are not cleaned in a timely manner, the files will become too large, taking up most of the hard disk space.

Moreover, the more browsers are installed on the device, the more impressive amount of memory this information will take.

The same can be said for smartphones. To free up space and improve device performance, you need to constantly clear your cache and delete cookies.

Many Internet users do not know that it is better to turn off geolocation on devices by cleaning cookies on a regular basis. This will help keep your personal data safe from falling into the wrong hands and improve your computer's performance. You can clear cookies using the tools of your browser, as well as through special programs such as CC cleaner.

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