5 of the coolest mobile phone towers in the world

 In the fight for subscribers, cellular companies are trying to provide the highest quality coverage. As a result, signal transmission devices appear even in the most unexpected places, sometimes having a very unusual appearance. And there are towers that simply amaze with their originality.


1 MTS in Antarctica

2 Tower cactus

3 VimpelCom in the ice cave

4 Almost sequoia

5 MegaFon at the Vostochny cosmodrome

MTS in Antarctica

January 2020 was marked by the launch of the first Russian cellular network in Antarctica. Thus, the MTS company installed a GSM base tower directly on the territory of the domestic Progress station.

The station is connected via a satellite channel, which is provided through the "Express-AM44" spacecraft by the satellite operator "Satis-TL-94".

And from this year, polar explorers can use their usual form of communication without limit, which has partially replaced VHF radio communication. Thanks to the new opportunities, the station employees finally managed to get rid of the painful feeling of isolation from home and families, which had the most favorable effect on their work.

Tower cactus

Cell towers are everywhere, even in sparsely populated areas. And so that they do not spoil the landscapes, the operators, whenever possible, try to mask them in poles, billboards, roofs and even in church bell towers.For the first time such a tree tower was supplied by one of the assembly companies in the US state of Arizona.

It is noteworthy that this idea was also inspired in other countries, including Great Britain, Spain, Portugal and South Korea, but the Americans were especially successful in this matter. So what is only a cactus tower in Arizona, which fits perfectly into the desert-rocky landscapes of the arid state.

" VimpelCom " in the ice cave

Everyone knows the expression "cavemen". Man did not immediately master the resources that Mother Earth possesses, but gradually copes with this task, even overfulfilling the conditional plan. And now people live in houses and apartments equipped with the Internet and other means of communication, without which life seems uncomfortable. That is why, returning to their origins, in the caves, the feeling of a loss of connection with the outside world immediately arises.

Such is the habit, or rather, the dependence of contemporaries on communications. And in order to rid the addicted of negative emotions, a large Russian operator VimpelCom decided to provide a connection to a cave in the Perm Territory. And now, thanks to the base station antenna installed in the Kungur Ice Cave, tourists can generously share their emotions without leaving the local landmark.

Almost sequoia

Attempts to conceal network signal transmitters have become highly sophisticated. There were even "hunters" for unusual designs. One of them is German photographer Robert Voight.

He traveled to many countries, using his camera to expose many hidden towers, including a giant pseudosequoia that "grew" in the northern United States. Meanwhile, many people are interested in this kind of revelation, and today there are entire websites dedicated to this kind of towers (Waymarking.com, CellTowerPhotos.com, etc.).

" MegaFon " at the cosmodrome " East "

In 2015, Megafon built its base station at the first Russian civilian cosmodrome Vostochny in the town of Tsiolkovsky in the Amur Region. It is notable for the fact that it is located 500 m from the launch pad of the operating cosmodrome. The facility serves 12,000 Vostochny employees, as well as tourists who come to watch the historic rocket launches.

The construction of the infrastructure of mobile operators in the cave, at the cosmodrome and in Antarctica demonstrates the high importance of mobile communications. But disguise as conditional cacti and sequoias clearly indicates a desire to live in complete harmony with the environment. 

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