Smartphone for drunkenness - like a regular phone will help you not to drink too much.

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine reported that smartphones can help people reduce their alcohol consumption. To do this, a special application must be installed on the phone, warning the owner about exceeding the permissible limit. The phone will be able to determine the degree of intoxication due to the built-in sensors, which are described in more detail below.

Curious experiment

In America, ambulance doctor Brian Suffoletto conducted a very interesting study in which 22 volunteers, aged 21 to 43, took part. As part of the experiment, each participant was given drinks with vodka, which had to be drunk within an hour. By the way, this dose of alcohol is enough for the concentration of alcohol in the blood to be 0.2%.

At the same time, the alcohol concentration was increased every hour, repeating the experiment from the beginning. Throughout the experiment, a smartphone with an accelerometer on was attached to the backs of the volunteers. In 90% of cases, the phone was able to determine intoxication above 0.8% by measuring the acceleration of steps and amplitude of movements.

All the data received was sent to a special Phyphox application. As for further research in this area, it is expected that in the future they will make such a program available to all smartphone users, without exception.

Today, to control the state of the body during a stormy party, you can use a special sticker resembling a temporary tattoo. It is one of the fastest and most accurate blood alcohol testing devices available today. Moreover, it does not require any special efforts from a person.

It is enough just to stick the tattoo on any open area of ​​your own body. Within 8 minutes, special sensors read information from the skin, sending the received data to the phone. You can also keep track of the amount of alcohol consumed using the simple SoberApp application.

The program calculates the rate of alcohol, focusing on the performance of each person. All the most popular drinks can be found in the database, if necessary, add experimental cocktails yourself. In this case, the application can calculate the degree of intoxication and even call a taxi.

Researchers and developers believe that in the future it will be possible to install a breathalyzer in the system of every smartphone.

For example, Suffoleto said that scientists will be able to achieve this in the next five years. This will take into account the usual position of the mobile device (for example, in the front or back pocket) and other important parameters. Developments in this area will help people to quit drinking and protect themselves from such severe consequences of alcohol intoxication as driving a car, physical violence, brawls and unprotected sex.

Controlling your alcohol intake is not an easy task. However, it is quite within the power of our smartphones, which can remind of a sense of proportion. And today, for these purposes, it has become realistic to use simple applications or special stickers. In the future, the researchers plan to develop breathalyzers built into telephones.

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