5 innovative gadgets from the USSR that could become a world breakthrough.

 Today it is customary to associate new advanced technologies with the United States or China, but not with Russia, and even less so with the USSR. Perhaps someone will be surprised, but in Soviet science there were minds who implemented many ambitious projects and were in many ways ahead of their time and their foreign colleagues. And their contemporaries do not even know about many of them.


1 Pistol with laser for astronauts

2 Mobile phone "Altai"

3 First PC in 1968

4 Smart home technology SPHINX

5 Round washing machines "Riga"

Laser pistol for astronauts

In 1984, a fiber laser pistol was manufactured at the Military Academy of the Missile Forces. Its main purpose was to disable the enemy's optical systems. The source of optical pumping was pyrotechnic flash lugs.

At that time, they were already quite compact, having a design that completely repeated the cartridge of 10 mm caliber.

The principle of operation of the pistol was that when the capsule exploded, the light passed along the barrel, amplified, collected in a beam and then hit the enemy. The beam retained a blinding and scalding effect at a distance of up to 20 m.

Mobile phone "Altai"

At the end of the 50s, by order of the leadership of the USSR, the development of an automatic mobile radio communication system called "Altai" began. The Voronezh Research Institute, the Moscow Design Institute, as well as Leningrad, Moldovan and Belarusian enterprises took part in this. They created a phone for a car.

The experimental zone of the system was launched in Moscow in 1963. First, the phone had a disk, then buttons replaced it. And of course, representatives of the upper echelons of power became the first subscribers. Thanks to the use of the first microcircuits, the devices became more compact (they could be carried in a suitcase). And already in the 80s "Altai" received various services and enterprises.

First PC in 1968

Omsk electro mechanic Arseny Gorokhov invented in 1968 a "programming device", which he called an "intellectual". In 1973, the device was patented, which included a communicator, a typewriter keyboard, and a cathode ray tube. True, at that time the state did not want to spend money on launching the device into industrial production. In 1975, the founders of Apple Compute, Inc. announced the creation of the personal computer.

Smart home technology SPHINX

In 1987, the magazine "Technical Aesthetics" published photographs of the "Superfunctional Integrated Communicative System" (SPHINX). It is a smart home concept that was designed to combine communication and media devices.

It was assumed that the devices will be connected by "busbars".

More than 30 years ago, the SPHINX allegedly could comprehensively provide what is available today - watching TV, video calls, receiving weather data and playing music. The system was even controlled by voice.

Round washing machines "Riga"

At the beginning of the 50s, the Riga Electric Machine Building Plant pleased the citizens with the "EAYA-2" and "EAYA-3" washers. At a cost of 1.5 thousand rubles, they could be purchased for 600 rubles (thanks to state subsidies). The first devices were unstable, so the improved Riga-54 soon appeared. The household appliance held up to 2.5 kg of dry laundry. It was necessary to pour hot water into his tank.

The device included two cylindrical parts. At the bottom there is an electric motor with a gearbox, a suspension system, a hose. At the top is a centrifuge rotating at a maximum speed of 800 rpm. There was also a stirrer and a balancing device. The wheels made it easy to move the washer. The 54th model was replaced by the 55th. She was a duplicate of the Swedish Huskvarna.

A bright future was predicted for the bold ideas of Soviet inventors. However, the extensive path of development of enterprises, the shortsightedness of officials and the collapse of the USSR played a cruel joke with them, and did not allow them to materialize into reality.

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